LEARNING KEY has focused ourselves to develop multi-intelligent programme and is highly recognized for our training of “Speech and Presentation”. In the past few years, we have cooperated with International Examination Boards to provide a total service for Examination and Assessment in our Centres such as Cambridge, Trinity, LVM and PKU Chinese. Through our intensive training workshop, most of the have outstanding achievements with Distinction awards. Our students are also active in the Speech Competitions. We have thousands of competitors entering the well recognized competitions such as Hong Kong Speech Festival and Peking University School Speech Festival.

With the examinations and competitions, our Total Educational Service Chain also include the most popular programmes: "P1 School Entering Interview" and "F1 School Entering Interview" as well as "Education Consultancy". We do believe that each programme has been designed to meet the needs of children at different stages and act as a stepping stone for them heading to the Road of Success.