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Open Competition & Examinations

Speech and Performing Arts 

    • The 11th APC Children Speech Festival 2014 : = Click Here
    • The 10th APC Story Telling Awards 2014 : =  Click here
    • The 66th Hong Kong School Speech Festival 2014: = Information available in July
    • The 4th HK Children Performing Arts Show 2014 := Click here
    • The 4th Chinese YTC Talents Contest 2014:= Information availble in Sept
    • The Brisbane International Young Talents Festival 2014: = Coming soon
    • The 11th Chinese International Speech Festival 2015 : = Coming soon

Maths and Science

  • The 6th PKU Mental Maths and Science Cup 2014: =Click here
  • The 6th HK Children General Studies Quiz 2014: =Click here
  • The 4th Chinese Children Maths Contest 2014:  =Information in Sept

Music and Arts

  • The 19th APC Children Painting Awards 2014: =Click here 
  • The 4th Brisbane Chidlren Visual Arts Festival 2014: =Click here 
  • The 67th Hong Kong School Music Festival 2015: = Information availble in Sept 
  • The 20th APC Children Painting Awards 2015: = Information availble in Sept 
  • The 4th Brisbane International Performing Arts Festival 2015: = Information availble in Sept 
  • The 6th HK Children Singing & Music Festival 2014: = Information availble in Sept 

Language and Usage

  • Cambridge YLE Starters, Movers & Flyers:=Click here  YLE Word List 
  • Cambridge KET and PET: =Click here  KET Word List 
  • Trinity GESE Spoken English:=Click here  GESE Syllabus
  • Trinity Guildhall Speech and Drama:=Click here  S&D Syllabus
  • Trinity Guildhall Speech, Communication and Arts: =Click here  SCA Syllabus
  • Trinity Guildhall Musical Theatre:=Click here  Music PA Syllabus
  • HK Children Story and Listening Quiz 2014:=Click here  S&D Syllabus
  • HK Children Sight Vocabulary and Reading Contest 2014:= Call us before deadline 


Open Competition
*Learning Key has actively brought different competitions and events for youths to catalyze their talents. We highly recommend our students to participate open competitons in different areas including PKU Youth Scheme, International Competitions and Events.
* We have specially developed our programmes to provide consolidated training for ouer students preparing for different competitions. For example, our Chinese and English Speech Training allow students to prepare for Speech Festivals and Contestsand International Examinations in Speech & Drama, Communication and Performing Arts.
Coming August
* Asia Pacific Children Speech Festival: August 2014
* Asia Pacific Story Telling Awards: August 2014
* The 19th Asia Pacific Young Artist Paining Award: New entries are welcome until End July!
New Events in Summer 2014
* PKU Maths Cup 2014: Mid August 2012
* Hong Kong Children General Studies Quiz 2014: Mid August 2014
* Trinity Guildhall Exam Summer Intake: Closing in mid June for End August Exam, don't miss the chance!
Coming September
* The 66th HK School Speech Festival
* The 67th HK School Music Festival
* HK Children Performing Arts Show 2014