Trinity College London

  • Welcome to the subject page for Drama and Speech.Trinity College London, the international examinations board, incorporating Trinity Guildhall.
  • Trinity College London and the Guildhall School of Music & Drama have each offered graded examinations in performance for over 125 years. The two boards have now amalgamated and from January 2006 the new joint board Trinity Guildhall will provide the most comprehensive suite of examinations internationally available in Drama, Speech and Communications subjects.
  • Trinity Guildhall assessments are recognised by the appropriate regulatory bodies internationally. For details see web pages on Accreditiation.


TRINITY GUILDHALL  (Performing Arts and Communication)

  • Trinity Guildhall Young Performer Certificate: Start-up Examination on Performance Arts for Young Kids with three levels available for entry: Gold, SIlver and Bronze with 6 intensive workshops.
  • Trinity Guildhall Speech & Drama (S&D): Graded Examination for Speech & Drama with intial solo, Grade 1 and Grade 2 suitable for kindergarten and junior primary. Candidates have to perform solo speech speaking, story telling, prose speaking, mime, sight reading and discussion with the examiners according to the selected pieces. 10 intensive preparatory workshops qre available for different graded examination.
  •  Trinity Guildhall Communication Skills (SCA): Graded Examination available in Group and Solo communications and candidates are requested to discuss with the examiners about the prepared objects or any topics stimulated by the examiner. 10 intensive preparatory workshops are available for different graded examinations.



  • Start-up Music Examination for young kids entering in group, pair or solo singing. 
  • Candidates are required to peform solo or choral singing and deliver arts performance like poetry, prose, story telling or any other arts.
  • Initial, Grade 1 and Grade 2 are suitable for kindergarten and junior primary levels.
  • 10 intensive workshops are available for preparation of each entry grade.


TRINITY GESE (Graded English Oral Examination)

  • Graded English Speaking Test for kids from 4 and above.
  • Recommended entry grade for kindergarten and Junior Primary: Grade 1 - Grade 3. 
  • Recommended entry grade for Junior Primary and Upper Primary: Grade 4 - Grade 6.
  • Recommended entry grade for Upper Primary and Secondary: Grade 7 - Grade 9.
  • Examination Schedule: March, July, November and December
  • 8 Intensive Preparation Workshop are available with one-stop examination entry service.