Key Chinese Speech & Speaking
Key Chinese Speech & Speaking
* Children are encouraged to learn Putonghua and Cantonese via speech, story telling and prose reading of selected pieces;
* Under the guidance of our experienced teachers, children will gain full confidence on using Putonghua or Cantonese to deliver their speeches in public;
* Special learning material covering full range of Chinese presentation skills including poems, stories, funny reading pieces and cultural selections.
Course Content
* Chinese Poems & Prose;
* Selected make up stories in Chinese with Putonghua Pin-Yin;
* Preparing for PKU Global Chinese Examination at different levels, PKU Speech Festival, HK School Speech Festival and Asia Pacific Story Telling.
* Nursery: K1 - K3
* Junior Primary: P1 - P3;
* Upper Primary: P4 - P6.
Class Schedule & Fee
* 12 lessons per level
* 1 hour per lesson, Monday to Saturday
* HK$2920 per level
Examination & Events
* Preparing for different levels of PKU Chinese Communication & Public Speaking Test from Young Learners to Secondary Levels
* Competitions: China International Speech Cup, HK School Speech Festival, Asia Pacific Story Telling Awards, Asia Pacific Children's Speech Festival.