K1 Entry and CCKG Interview

 K1 Entry Interview & CCKG Interview Preparation Programme

        êConfidence buildup and Strengthen the communication skillsê

²  K1 Interview & School Application Service

n  20-lessons Intensive Training Programme

    * Knowledge buildup & confidence training

    * Communication skills & disciplines

    * Parents’ roles during the interview.

n  10-lessons Speaking Training

    * Special for young kids preparing for K1 entry interview

    * Strengthen the speaking skills, listen and understanding

n  One –stop Kindergarten Service

    * Assessment and consultancy for school selection

n  Enroll & Commence: April and May of every year.

n  Course Fee:

    * HK$ 5260/ 20 lessons for full payment 

* HK$ 2780 x 2/ 20 lessons for two installments

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²  CCKG Interview Workshop (Entering K2)

n  20-lessons Effective and Valuable Training with knowhow training, individual communication, picture description, group interview skills, confidence training and mock practice.

n  Features:

u  4-6 students per class conducted by experience native English teacher.

u  Two lessons per week and one hour per lesson.

u  Mock examination will normally be arranged on mid January before the entry interview.

n  Enroll & Commence: July and August of every year.

n  Course Fee:

u  HK$ 5260/ 20 lessons for full payment or

u  HK$ 2780 x 2/ 20 lessons for two installments 

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