Key English Speech & Speaking
Key English Speech & Speaking
* Aims to build up the confidence on English usage and proficiency via Speech & Speaking;
* Encouraging English Speaking through a variety of class activities and fun; Thematic topic to arouse the curiosity in different areas from stories, general science, cutural and arts.
*Well-balanced curriculum covering thinking, use of grammars, orgainizing and presenting skills .
Course Content
* English Poems, Rhymes and Prose
* Story Telling and Sight Reading Training;
*Vocabulary Buildup and Thematic Discussion
* Nursery Lower and Upper for K1 - K3;
* Junior Primary: P1 - P3;
* Upper Primary: P4 - P6.
Class Schedule & Fee
* 12 lessons per level
* 1 hour per lesson, Monday to Saturday
* HK$2920 per level
Examination & Competitions
* Preparing for different English events
* Examinations: Trinity Guildhall, Brown's English, Trinity Spoken English.
* Events: PKU Speech Festival, Asia Pacific Children's Speech Festival, HK School Speech Festival, Asia Pacific Story Telling Awards.