Open Competitions
Asia Pacific Children Speech Festival
* From 3 years old to Junior Secondary!
* Held in Early August 2013.
* Information can be downloaded from our webiste.
APC Young Artist Painting Competition
* Held twice a year and well recognized by schools. All the drawings will be posted on and you can access your track records anytime and anywhere.
* All participants will be awarded a Professional Certificate and trophies for winners.
* Just download the enrollment form and send us your creative drawings NOW! Only HK$135 per entry.
The 65rd Hong Kong School Speech Festival
* Information available in late July 2013.
* Comprehensive Training Programme and Learning Material are available in early August.
* Number One Speech Training programme in HK! Just call us at 2805 2525 for details.
Hong Kong Speech Super Cup
* Held in August 2013 in HK with participants from the oustanding performers in China International Speech Cup and the outstanding students from China.
* The TOP 25% of competitors in the recent China Internatiaonl Speech Cup are eligible to join the Super Speech Cup in August 2013 by email or notification.
* Please contact us at 2111 8898 for the details.
China International Speech Festival 2013
* The next event will be held in February 2013 in HK and enrollment will be started in October 2012;
* Open to all schools and individuals;
* Multi-national languages/ dialect including Putonghua, Cantonese and English are available.
Hong Kong School Speech Cup 2013
* The event will be held in February 2012 in HK with all the winners in the 64th HK School Speech Festival are welcome to join us and compete with competitors from local and China;
* Special Prize awards for the winners;
* Execptional opportunities to prove your capabilities and rank in the region.
Asia Pacific Story Telling Awards 2013
* Special Story Telling Competition for Nursery and Junior Primary;
* Putonghua, Cantonese and English groupings;
* The event will be held in early August 2013 and special prizes for the top five performers each group.
PKUHK Maths Cup 2013
* Competition for Maths and Science will be held in August in Hong Kong. Young kids from K1 - K3 are welcome to join. Winners will be invited to join the South China Maths Cup 2013 in Shenzhen representing Hong Kong to compete for the regional trophies.
* The competition will be conducted in Question and Answer base and each candidate is required to answer 10 questions for Mathematics, Reasoning and Scientific Knowledge.
* It is a super opportunity to push up the self-confidence for young kids. Entry form and Learning Tool set are available! Call us at 2111 8898 for details.
Hong Kong Children General Knowledge Contest 2013
* A special event for young kids and children for testing their general knowledge. Each candidate is required to answer 10 questions about general science and common knowledge.
* The event will be held in mid-August and is an extraordinary opportunity for young kids to strengthen their knowledge base as well as practising for Q&A as well as reasoning.
* Big Prize for the winners and certificates will be awarded for all those reaching the passing mark.
* Cambridge YLE Examinations: Starters, Movers and Flyers. Special programmes are available for preparation with records of excellent achievements.
* Trinity Examinations: Speaking, Speech, Communication and Musical Performance. Programmes and Workshop training are available for booking.
*Canbridge Secondary School Examination: KET/ KET for School, PET/ PET for School, FCE with training workshops are all available and students of Upper Primary and Junior Secondary are welcome.