P1 Entry One-Stop Solution
One-stop Solution for P1 Entry
* With more than 15 years of sucessful track records for helping P1 School entry, the one-stop P1 Entry service from Laerning Key is a total solution for parents and students.
* Total Solution: P1 Entry Consultancy + P1 Entry Preparation + P1 Interview Workshop + Portfolio Makeup + School Admission Update + Backup Support
* Please call us at 2805 2525 for full details.
FREE P1 Entry Seminar for Parents
* The next Seminar will be held on 13th of December 2013 6:30 pm at Learning Key Mongkok Centre. Just call us for booking.
* Free admission with a comprehensive P1 Entry booklet.
* Topics: P1 School Admission, Portfolio Makeup and Preparation work. Specially important for K2 students!
FREE P1 Entry Consultancy Service
* No matter you are parents of local K2 students, coming from China or K3 students without an ideal Primary School Placement, we cordially invite you talking to us to plan out the P1 Entry Strategy for your kids.
* Call Wong Sir at 2805 2525.
P1 Entry Preparation for K1 and K2 Students
*Talents Development : Full range of talents development programmes are available for your kids with our professional recommendations and planning for your kids on-behalf. Free assessment can be arranged for your kids. Just call us at 2805 2525 for booking a place.
*P1 Entry Skill Workshop: Full range of comprehensive skill training workshops are available for students and parents.
* Portfolio design: We offered a FREE consultancy for portfolio makeup or get it done on-behalf. Wong Sir looks forward to serving you! Call him NOW!
P1 Entry Backup Service for K3 students
*Keep up if you feel disappointed at the Central School Allocation Result. Call us at 2805 2525 or we may be able to help.
*Track Records for the
*Learning Key will back up up! Just pick up your phone and call us!
Full support for students and parents for immigrants especially from Mainland China
*We have full experience to help students of immigrants applying the P1 entry, find out a suitable local school or international school and helping the quick settlement for the student.
*One-stop Programmes for students: Communication Skills + Confident training + Knowledge buildup + Talent Development + Interview Skills = Successful School Entry
* Call Wong Sir at ]852^90338611(HK Hotline) or ]86^152 1944 1088(China Hotline)