Kindergarten One-stop Training


     Kindergarten One-stop Training


²   Speech Speaking

Ø   Speech, Story Telling, a tongue twister 

Ø   Strengthen the expression skill and improve the fluency in English Conversation 

Ø    Take part in the speech competition, TRINITY GUILDHALL YPC  exam

²   Chinese Speech

Ø   Cantonese, Mandarin speaking and speech, short story telling and picture, a tongue twister 

Ø   Strengthen the general Cantonese speaking, stage performances and dialogue

²   Mathematics & Memory Skills

Ø   Teaching mathematical sorting, logic inference, spatial memory and the concept of simple addition and subtraction

Ø   Building interest in mathematics through games and exercises


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²   Recognize Chinese and English Character

Ø   Teaching Chinese and English character recognition, build up reading skills

Ø   Each period have 10 Chinese and English character recognition practice, there will also have a competition after the classes

²   CCKG interview class

Ø   English listening skills, mock- interview conversation 

Ø   Strengthen cognition, child confident and response

²   Cambridge English classes

Ø   Practice  Cambridge Pre-starters and Starters 

Ø   English vocabulary, sentence structure, reading skills

Ø   Prepare to apply high-level public examinations


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