P1 Interview Preparation

 Y Our TOTAL CARE: P1 Entry Solution  Y 


²  P1 Interview & School Application Service 

n  Comprehensive and Target oriented Training Programme Series:

u  P1 Interview Preparation series

u  P1 Interview Story Presentation and Comprehension

u  P1 Interview Skill Enrichment

n  P1 Interview Preparation Series

u  Designed and conducted in modular basis

u  Covering all necessary P1 interview skills

u  Strengthen personal confidence & knowledge

u  Mock practice workshop for major schools

u  Different stages of progressing from K1 to K3:

  * P1 Interview Start-up Stage: 2nd Term in K1

  * P1 Interview Intensive Training Stage: K2

  * P1 Interview School-based Workshop:

  l  K2 and 1st term in K3

  l  School based workshop, 2nd Interview Workshop

  l  Parents Interview Preparation Workshop

  *  P1 Interview Knock-door Preparation Stage:

  l  2nd term in K3 including Knock-door stage

  l  Interview preparation  

  l  Talent development scheme & academic enhancement  




n  P1 Interview Story Telling and Comprehension

u  Comprehensive & Intensive Training Programme  

u  Enhance the skills on story & picture telling

u  Strengthen listening comprehension

u  Objects comparison and story memorizing  

u  30-lessons programme covering both Chinese & English story techniques  


n  P1 Interview Skill Enrichment  

u  Strengthen mental mathematics, reasoning and memory skills

u  Comprehensive training includes:

l  Group games

l  Mental & spatial mathematics  

l  Memory skills including data, numbers, ordering & positioning. 


n  Portfolio Preparation and Production

u  Portfolio design consultancy  

u  Turnkey portfolio production  


n  Further information and Enrollment  

n  Free P1 Entry Talk registration



n   School Application Service

l   Recommended school list for parents’ confirmation

l   Prepare the application form and supporting documents according to the schedule of submission

l   Application submission and managing the interview schedules

l   Pre-interview fine tune for students

l   Pre- and post- interview follow up

l   Central Government School Allocation Selection consultancy and submission 

l   Knock door process follow up in case necessary