Interview Preparation Programme

 Interview Preparation Programme

*16 years experience in Interview Training with track records of successes*

Aim: To provide total school entry solutions for students from K1 entry, P1 entry up to F1 entry

Service & Content:

  • Intensive skills and confidence buildup training
  • School selection consultancy
  • Portfolio production
  • School Application Service


  •  K1 entry
  •  K2 CCKG entry
  •  P1 entry
  •  Primary School Transfer
  •  F1 entry

Total Solutions:

      K1 Interview & School Application Service

  • Intensive training programme to enhance basic knowhow
  • Behaviour control
  • Listen & Follow
  • Speaking and Response
  • Self-confidence.
  • Mock practice
  • School Selection Consultancy
  • Planning for startup talent development
  • School visit events

     CCKG Interview Workshop (Entering K2)

  • Intensive training programme to enhance knowledge, behaviour
  • English speaking, understanding and responsiveness
  • Strengthen self-confidence and group games involvement
  • Pre-interview Mock practice & assessment
  • Planning for startup talent development and pathway to P1 target schools

     P1 Interview & School Application Service

  • Intensive training programme series including P1 Interview Core Programme plus enrichment 
  • Top class P1 Interview Preparation Programme for different stages of development from K1 to K3

              * P1 Interview Startup for K1 2nd Term

              * P1 Interview Skills Workshop for K2 students

              * P1 Interview Knock-door preparation for K3 students

  • P1 Interview Story Telling & Presentation for K1 to K3

             * Story & Picture Telling

             * Listening Comprehension

             * Object Comparison & description

  • P1 Interview Skills Enrichment

     * Memory Skills for numbering, wording & pattern

              * Mental Maths

             * General Knowledge & reasoning

             * English & Chinese word list

  • Value Added Services

            * School Selection Consultancy 

            * Talent Development 

            * Portfolio Design 

            * School Visits

      F1 Interview Workshop

            * Intensive interview skills training

            * One-on-one and Group mixing modes

            * Self presentation, self-confidence buildup and analyzing skills

            * Preparing the portfolio

     School Application & Guardian Service

           * Professional School Application One-stop Service  

           * Total Solution: consultancy, processing and training, talent guardian 

           * Full coverage for local schools, international schools and overseas study 

           * Professional, experience and care